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When it comes time to lease a car in Connecticut, you need to know what your current car is worth. If you’re leasing already, it may be time to transfer or renew your lease, but if you own and are ready to lease, you need an expert trade in appraisal. Luckily, Car Broker CT has one of the most sophisticated and accurate trade in appraisal services in Connecticut right here in house.

What Our Team Looks for in Your Appraisal

Our Connecticut trade in appraisal specialists examine a number of factors when determining the value of your car. These include things like:
  • make and model of your car
  • age and mileage of your car
  • accident and purchase history
  • special features and additions
  • lift kits, tinted windows, etc.
  • upgrades to engines and tires.
Our CT trade in appraisal evaluators weigh all of these factors to come to a top market value for your car and provide an estimate at the very top end of the vehicle’s potential value.

No Hassles, No Shortchanges

Trying to lowball you with an appraisal does our team no good and is a waste of both of our time. Our Connecticut appraisal team determines the very highest number your car can be worth, and we offer top dollar for trade ins no matter what. We’re not in the market to swindle or haggle with you, we’re in the market to help you get in a new lease you love and get us both the value we deserve.

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